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So, lately I’ve been synthing the dyes that I’ve gotten from the dye well and selling them in my house. As well as garbage herbs and unknown ores.

I’ve only been doing this for about 3 weeks and I have about 5mil now.

You guys should try it!

Even if you don’t have a dye well, just sell the herbs and ores. They don’t take very long to get.

I go to the Shyllien Central Complex and gather herbs from the sparkles and the Hillwen mines for unknown ores. I occasionally summon my Border Collie so he’ll pick up the herbs and ores when I’m not looking.

I sell for herbs for 30k a stack and ores for 20k. (Could be different depending on server)

It’s kinda slow but if you only use money for repairs and necessities, then you’ll have money in no time!

Warning tho; Due to the nature of Economic Flux, if many people take on this practice, the supply would increase and upon meeting the demand, the nature of free market will cause a decrease in price, because someone will always be under cutting to get money faster. The devaluing of commodities is law when it comes to MMO markets, so be-warned.

Hella prep with the cutie

Hella prep with the cutie

Fancy lookin’ cute date night under the sea

Fancy lookin’ cute date night under the sea

I said I wouldn’t but I had to

I said I wouldn’t but I had to


Waits patiently for the impending smack down on my dash

Breakfast pizza yo

Breakfast pizza yo


Kinda upset Yuj wasn’t in Lightning Returns.

He was my spirit animal and favorite character in 13, they could have done so much for and with him.

You could say it was a….

Yuj let-down?


The Hierarchy of Camping
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